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COVID - 19

Taking you and your clients health and safety into consideration onsite for your Real Estate Photography

Health and Safety precautions for onsite photography

As a business that offers in home services to its clients, Stafford Real Estate Photography has always taken into consideration the health and safety in its “workplace”.


Our everyday precautions and procedures have always included the following:

  • Shoe protection or removal of shoes for interiors

  • Careful placement of camera tripod and other equipment for interior and exterior spaces

  • Always leaving with all lights turned off and exterior doors locked per direction of Realtor or Homeowner.


Additional Health and Safety precautions due to recent Covid-19 / Coronavirus


Due to the current spread of  Covid-19 coronavirus and an international campaign to curb further spread, Stafford Real Estate Photography is putting these additional  precautions into place effective immediately:

What we will be doing: 

  • Masks will be worn inside the residence of occupied homes when people are present

  • A hand sanitizer will be applied immediately before entering homes

  • We will be touching as little as possible, only touching light switches and door handles as needed 

  • We will reschedule if presented with Covid-19 symptoms

  • We are absolutely willing to consider other requests from the homeowners to make them feel as safe as possible during their photoshoot

What we are asking you to do: 

  • For occupied listings we are requesting that all occupants leave the property for the duration of the session whenever possible (appx. 3 hours)

  • Take into consideration all personal property and unsightly items such as trash cans and tissues that should not be in the photos and ensure it is moved out or hidden prior to us entering with our camera equipment (Garages and closets are not photographed)

  • Have all blinds open, curtains open, lights turned on in dark spaces and all fans off prior to the session

  • Please inform us and cancel the shoot if any occupant has cold or flu like symptoms within 14 days of shoot - we will get you rescheduled and there will be no cancellation or rescheduling fees 

  • For more on preparing for real estate listing photography check here

We want your sellers to be fully confident that they will not be put under any risk by us visiting their property, so hopefully this can reassure them. However, let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you and your business during this time.

For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact

us directly at 703-343-5742

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