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Why is the entry so important when selling a home?

The saying is absolutely true, especially when selling a home - first impressions do matter. So when a potential buyer opens the front door, lets pull them in or at the very least not have them slamming the door behind them! So, what to do?

Try this:

- Pack up the clutter - if you don't need it, pack it

- Clean your front door and give a fresh coat of paint if necessary

- Deep clean - when moving, hiring a regular cleaner can really take the stress off

- Make sure the best features are shined up and are not hidden

- Keep the design elements to a minimum

- Pack up family photos

The below entry doesn't have any professional staging but it shows the space perfectly. The front door is clean, walls scrubbed, a couple design elements remain and the wood stairs really stand out. This entry is ready to welcome in buyers!

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